Monday, May 29, 2006

final cover art minus logo


A somewhat overdue update on the pages... since we're shooting to have all our pages done by the end of this month, I thought it would be appropriate to post all twelve pages. I would say these are 95% done at this point, although as we all know that last 5% tends to take 50% of the time and effort.

You might also notice I've changed the title. The "chapter 03" refers to where in a larger story this 12 pager takes place. I have in mind a long format graphic novel or miniseries; I've got rough outlines of the chapters before and after this one. Anyway, first things first...


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

tanto design

A bit of a departure from the regular page postings. I recently came into contact with someone who was a member of a concept design forum I used to moderate. He now makes beautiful handmade knives, and we talked a bit about the possibility of making a knife based on one that the character in the story might carry. Check out his site here: Jens Anso

This is a quick initial pass at a design for the knife.