Sunday, October 22, 2006

space opera: test

This is a sort of test of the look and feel of this space opera comic book project. By the way, to answer the question that some of you had about the previous post, my intention is to make another comic book short story, except hopefully this one will be good. I decided that in order to pull that off, I probably really ought to bring in someone who actually knows how to write an interesting story and characters. So ideally, between the writer and me we can come up with a cool, exciting story with some decent visuals to go along with it.

Anyway, at the moment we are still in the early stages of character development. I have some ideas and general things I'd like to see, but the ball is pretty much in Stephen's court. My focus at the moment is to refine the look and feel of both the universe and the actual graphic style of story. I've been trying a few different tricks with the previous posts, and I think I'm starting to narrow in on a particular look for this book. It's a combination of drawing and painting styles mixed with a few digital filter and layer tricks.

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At 12:56 AM, Blogger AF said...


At 6:09 AM, Blogger ButterfishManiac said...

Awesome look, It has a very clean future look similar to Dune the new version, which I loved.

At 8:39 AM, Anonymous spencerlindsay said...

Hey are those sketchup windows in the BG? Great watercolor feel Francis, is that the ArtBlast thingy you were talking about or Painter,... or you?

Note on the ships: I think it's great that you can't tell which direction they're pointing. It lends them a distracting character that would actually be useful in combat. By the time the bullets come out of the front side, it's too late.

At 9:10 AM, Blogger Kelsey said...

SWEET! I love comics. Well, some of them. HAHA!

This is shaping up real nice. I'm sorry that I missed this other story. Was that for Flight?

Style wise: is that just a layer of water color texture layered over the whole peice with a water color filter on top of everything to tie it together? It looks like it could be very time consuming. How long do you anticipate a page taking you to turn out?

Are you familiar with this guys stuff? I've been trying to figure out how he did this style. Looks like quick photoshop rendering, but with the same great water color look you're getting.

I tried to make those links, but I couldn't figure it out. Sorry. :)

Anyway, great work partner!

At 10:24 PM, Blogger francis said...

hey guys, thanks very much for the comments.

spence - yeah the background is a simple building i did in sketchup, and since i had a render of it handy i threw it into the background. for this comic my thought was that i would create a few setpieces where i knew there would be many scenes - then i can just reuse it like assets in a video game level. the character stuff is just straight photoshop, with a few grunge layers on top.

kelsey - thanks man! i dont know that guy's work, although it does look similar. the first story can be found on earlier posts in this blog - i actually set it up initially to chart the progress of that one. a couple of friends and i self published an ashcan, and my story was one of three. as far as the art goes, it's just a couple of different "grunge" photos that i overlaid on top of the art. doesn't take long at all, just a minute or two to put it on top and then tweak opacity, levels, etc. to get the effect you want. a page shouldn't take more than a day, including color and everything (assuming the story is already worked out!).


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